Pelso Plastic KFT is Your Finest Fabric Softener Manufacturer 

Make your clothes much softer with Pelso Plastic KFT’s fabric softeners. We produce the most superior-quality fabric softeners in Hungary. We are an international brand with lots of satisfied buyers. As a fabric softener supplier, we work on the safety of users. It is very safe for your skin and also for your health. Users can soften their clothes with much more efficiency now. They will also get a pleasing smell in their clothes. Our manufacturing methods are safe for users as well as for the Earth. These features make us a top fabric softener manufacturer in the world. They also help you get rid of residuals of detergent. Sometimes, powder detergent leaves white marks on the clothes, you can get rid of them with our fabric softeners. You can use them for machine wash as well as for manual wash. This feature makes us a high quality fabric softener exporter in the world.


Purchase Fabric Softener at Pocket-Friendly Rates in Bulk

Buyers around the world focus on prices. We know how to keep the prices low. That is why we are a wholesale fabric softener here. You can buy large quantities of fabric softener from us. To get discounted prices, you can reach us whenever you need. We have been manufacturing in large quantities to supply at low rates. We are a wholesale fabric softener with affordable prices. This also leads to serving many clients at a time. You can avail of wholesale rates from us to keep your cost low. These cut rates will definitely help our buyers get multiple benefits. Any size of business can buy from us regardless of what MOQ they have. Pelso Plastic is a wholesale fabric softener with an extremely low-price range. With the help of bulk volumes, we successfully meet the requirements of buyers. 


Benefits of Choosing Our Liquid Detergents

You will get many benefits like the safety of fabric and also the environment. We use safe contents not only for your fabric but also for the environment. It includes some safe chemicals and even recyclable elements. As a fabric softener supplier, we work on keeping the color of your clothes. Our fabric softener saves your fabric from fading. Also, our fabric softener leaves a pleasant smell in the fabric. This makes users smell great every time they wear their clothes. The irresistible scent of our fabric softeners makes us a preferable fabric softener manufacturer. Users will prefer using our fabric softener once they give it a try. They are safe for the skin and users can use them without any worry. They can remove stains with the powerful chemicals we use in them. These chemicals are safe for users. We ensure every element is safe as a high quality fabric softener exporter.


Why Buyers Choose Pelso Plastic KFT?

Buyers want to get many benefits at low prices. We can provide those high benefits to them without any problem. Our business came into the detergent industry in 2011. We are a Hungarian brand with many years of experience. This makes us a famous fabric softener supplier also. We also compete in the plastic bottles industry as we also manufacture plastic bottles of our fabric softeners. We follow every international procedure to test our fabric softeners. We also use recycled ingredients in production as an eco-friendly fabric softener manufacturer. We care about our customers’ health and safety. It also includes our team’s effort and skills. Each employee plays a key role here.  

Global buyers in over 8 countries make us an international supplier. Affordable and high-quality fabric softeners are just a few clicks away. You can start doing business with us as we are a high quality fabric softener exporter.